Michael James Murray

photographer | Philadelphia, Pa | mjmurr01(at)gmail.com
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Looking down on traffic from Xian city wall.
People outside of the train station in Xian. 
Bike rides along the Xian city wall.
View looking back on my hike on the Mutianyu section of the Great Wall.
Mutianyu section of the Great Wall, China.
Another of The Wall.
Rocco Avallone climbing the Great Wall in Beijing, China.
Hiked the Mutianyu section of the Great Wall the other day.
A shadowy, silhouetted exit from the Forbidden City.
Two people in an isolated corridor in the forbidden city.
What looks like a sort of Pilgrimage to The Forbidden City, people flooded the palace courtyards, walking the massive city’s opening only to get deeper into the city walls. 
Entrance to The Forbidden City in Beijing, China. 
Air Pollution in Beijing, China. 
Outside of the Lama Temple in Beijing, China.